About Us

Our Company

Bridging Technologies is an American Multinational Healthcare Technology company, headquartered in Orange County, California. Bridging Technologies develops, customizes, supports, and sells software and services operating from its offices in California (USA) and Mohali (India).
With a background rooted in technology, we build our legacy knowledge and nurture it dynamically in the areas of CRM, PRMS, answering services, and social media marketing. As part of this journey, we have collaborated with many talented people who helped us grow bigger and better every single day.

Our Products

Bridging Technologies has been offering software solutions for enterprises and customers across multiple target industries across the USA & Canada.

  • Denefits
    Denefits provides easy payment solutions for both businesses and customers. It helps customers get financing for any professional service or product: healthcare, dentistry, chiropractic, medspa, auto, veterinary, and more. We believe everyone deserves help when they need it. At Denefits, we finance everyone, that too, without any credit checks!
  • Practina
    Practina makes digital marketing simple for any business! It uses artificial intelligence to automate social media posts and create smart ads to reach the right customers. Practina also helps businesses keep their social media presence active with scheduled posts —without any of the hassles. It creates, schedules, and publishes customized posts based on holidays, special events, and news in your niche industry to keep customers engaged and remind them of the services.

Our Culture

Consistent with its Vision & Mission, Bridging Technologies maintains a work culture that values and respects the dignity of people demonstrated through personal behavior, all-around development of personality & enrichment of professional knowledge & skills. Human Resources is one of our most vital assets and powerful growth engines for achieving overall excellence in business.
To achieve this, we will continually strive to:

  • Create a highly efficient, satisfying, and challenging work culture
  • Encourage innovations & creativity in product, quality & services.
  • Recognize and reward individual and team achievement.
  • Maximize net value added per person.
  • Help people realize their potential.

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